Hot-dip galnanizing plant the company has 1500 square meters,with 8.5meters long 1.6meters wide X deep 2 meters large zincpot.has a variety of species galvanized steel work speces,steel grating,power/communications tower,a lighthouse,sign posts,anchor chain,highway guardrail,ship fittings,pipe and so on.Products  are quality in line with the country’s standard.
Major equipments company have:galvanized trough(8.5meters x 1.6meters x 2m,melting more than one hundred and eighty tons of zinc),acid tank(12.5 meter x1.8meter x 1.8 meter),solvent tank(12.5 meter x 1.8 meter)passivation trough(12.5meter x 1.8meter x1.8 meter)and 3 single-girder cranes.