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Zhizhen Brand Steel Bar Gratings are manufactured with the world's first-class computer-controlled pressure resistance welding machine by electro-forging the twisted square-steel into flat steel.The bearing bars (flat steel),running in one direction signifying the length of the gratings ,are spaced by rigid attachment to cross rods (square steel)running perpendicular to the bearing bars representing the width.Strong welding points are thus secured.
ĦĦĦĦ Zhizhen Brand Steel Bar Gratings are classified into two styles,namely plain style\serrated and Istyle as per theupper edges of bearing bars.More than 200 varieties are available based on specifications and spacing of bearing bars,and that of cross rods.Different protective treatment van be made on the Different protective treatment can be made on the surface as environment varies.

Advantages of Steel Grating:
-light weight ĦĦ
-high strength
-material saving
-heavy loading
-easy to install and clean
-nice appearance
-ventilation and light can pass through
-slip-resistant & safe
Steel Grating ÇàµşSteel Grating Steel Grating
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