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Designed and manufactured with pressure welded steel grating,and widely used in the inductrial and civil constructions,such as urban road,square,botanical garden,wharf,airport,parking lot,highway,railway,and industrial engineering.

¡öAttractive appearance:Simple outline,silver color,and modern.
¡öOptimum water draining:Water leakage area reaches 83.3%,which is mare than two times larger than that of cast iron.
¡öHot-dip galvanizing:Good antirust performance,maintenance free and replacement free.
¡öDesign of preventing theft:The cover is connected with the frame by gemel ,which ensures protection agasinst theft,safety,and convenient opening.
¡öSaving investment:With large span,the cost is lower than that of cast iron when under heavy load.And the replacement expenses in case of theft and crushing will be saved.
¡öHigh strength:With strength and toughness far higher than those of cast iron,it can be used in the environment with large span and heavy load,such as the wharf an the airport.
¡öMany specifications available:The requirements of different environments,loads,spans,sizes and shapes can be satisfied.

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